USS Oklahoma NCC-74916  - Forever Green
All one must do to join the crew is to contact the chapter Executive Officer Gail Lindbloom (Email: ) and request to come on board.  Once you have been granted permission you will be directed to report to Chief of Operations Shawn Lytle (Email: to be piped on board. 
Once you have been officially piped on board the Oklahoma your next stop will be with the Personnel Officer and the Operations Department.  Here the Navigation Officer will guide you through the new member processing procedure.  If you are a member of STARFLEET the Personnel Officer will add your SCC number to the chapter’s rolls and update your membership in the STARFLEET Database.
If you are not a member of STARFLEET and wish to join simply visit the Starfleet International website at and apply to Starfleet by clicking on the join/renew tab, be sure to select the USS Oklahoma as your chapter, or you can see anyone of your ships personnel to get an application. Your CO will contact you with your SCC number as soon as you appear in the database. Once you have your SCC number you may pursue rank.
All new recruits begin with the enlisted rank, of “Crewman”. To be awarded the rank of “Ensign”, you must visit the Starfleet Academy at and enroll in the Officer Training School (OTS) -  your SCC number is required for enrollment. For the first test you will need to refer to the Starfleet Membership Handbook, provided by the online course and pass the short quiz. For members who do not have internet capabilities you may have the course mailed to you directly from Starfleet Academy for a small fee. Once you have passed, report your success to your XO and he/ she will recommend you for your first promotion.
Rank will only be granted to members in good standing. Promotions shall, in part, be based on participation in the chapter’s community. The First Officer is responsible for recommending promotions to the Commanding Officer. It’s the responsibility of each crew member to make the First Officer aware of participation in any activities and to provide proof as requested. The First Officer will then make note in his/her log.
Membership:  One does not need to be a member of Starfleet to participate in the USS Oklahoma: However current members who are official Starfleet members are eligible to participate in the rank/promotion aspect of the club, & receive the bi-monthly Communiqué. All participants are strongly encouraged to join Starfleet.
Meetings: We are a Full meeting chapter that meets once a month, on the third Sunday of every month, at 4:30 pm.
Rank: All ranks granted aboard the USS Oklahoma are fictional and are purely a means of recognizing an individual’s contributions to the club. Rank may not be used to threaten, intimidate, influence, or make demands of the other members. All “orders” issued by the command staff, or any other officer, are for entertainment (role-playing) purposes only. No members shall be penalized in any way for failing to respond to an “order” or a “command”
Promotion: The chapter Commanding Officer will award promotions at his/her discretion with input from the chapter First Officer. The First Officer shall keep a log and alert the Commanding Officer when promotion criteria have been met. The Commanding Officer may promote crew by Captain’s Prerogative (Field Promotion). For additional information on promotions please refer to the chapters Promotion Policy.
Grievances:Any complaints or grievances at the chapter level shall be presented to our ships JAG Officer Lt. Mary Lytle. The JAG Officer shall be responsible for resolving all grievances and complaints in a fair, sensitive and a timely manner. Starfleet members are encouraged to familiarize them self’s with the grievance procedures in the membership handbook.  For grievances that cannot be handled, or handled adequately, then the matter should be addressed with the chapter First Officer. Grievances or complaints that are related to violations of local, state, or federal laws should be directed to the appropriate civil authorities.
Gallery:Please submit any photographs you wish to include in the ship’s gallery, newsletter to the Communications Officer Mary Lytle. 
Disabilities: On board the USS Oklahoma we strive to work to accommodate members who have disabilities in any way possible. Please let anyone of the crew know what is needed.
Lastly We aboard the USS Oklahoma would like to take this opportunity to thank the USS KRAKATOA in the use of their rule book, without it we would have been lost and this was our light at the end of a dark tunnel. We thank you for the use of this valuable information that was provided for our use and our adaptation. Thank you USS Krakatoa from everyone on board the USS Oklahoma!
Each member of the Oklahoma will be asked to choose a position on board.  These positions will have something real to do and a level of responsibility within the chapter.  Your chosen position is called your Duty Station, or simply Station.  Stations are combined under specific operational groups called Sections. Sections are then gathered under collective titles and called Departments. Members are encouraged to select a Station in any Department that they are interested in and feel they are qualified for.  Once you have selected a Station you would like to fill see the First Officer for your official billeting to that Station.  The only exception to this policy is the Command Department, which is comprised of elected positions.
Personnel assigned to the Command Department are charged with the responsibility of the day to day running of the chapter.  The department is further divided into two sections: the Command Team and the Command Support Staff (CSS). The Command Team consists of the ship’s Captain (CO), the First Officer or Executive Officer (XO) and the Second Officer.  Their responsibilities to the chapter are:
a.   Commanding Officer: In general the CO is responsible for the safety and overall functioning of the chapter.  Although many of the details of this command are delegated to the Department and Division Officers, responsibility remains with the CO.  The CO’s power is authoritative and complete and may not be delegated.
b.   First Officer: Also known as the Executive Officer (XO) the First Officer serves as the direct aid of the CO and as such is second in command.  He/she is the CO’s direct representative.  The XO’s duties include maintaining the general efficiency of the departments and divisions as well as the crew.  The XO is also responsible for crew promotions.
c.   Second Officer: The Second Officer assists the XO with any details the XO assigns.  The Second Officer becomes the XO when the First Officer is in command of the chapter.  The Second Officer also supervises the Command Support Staff.
The Command Support Staff consists of members who are not ‘branched’ command but are representatives from their respective department to help the command with the running of the chapter.  Each member of the CSS reports directly to the Second Officer according to his/her responsibilities.  Members of the CSS must hold the rank of Ensign or above. 
a.   Captain’s Yeoman: The Captain’s Yeoman is responsible for all written records of the chapter’s business and its meetings.  He/she will assist the Captain with correspondence and will oversee the chapter’s awards program.
b.   Personnel Officer: The Personnel Officer is responsible for all chapter membership materials.  He/she is also responsible for maintaining all records concerning STARFLEET membership and the chapter’s rolls. 
c.  Inspector General:  The IG is responsible for all legal matters concerning the chapter and its functioning.  He/she is also responsible to the Command Team and staff on interpretation of STARFLEET constitutional laws and chapter rules.
The Operations Department is responsible for the operational duties of the chapter.  The department serves as the ‘first contact’ for all new incoming members and will assist them as they adjust to the chapter.  The members of the Operation Department are:
a.   Chief of Operations – Also known as the Operations Officer; responsible for the day to day operations of the chapter.  Additionally responsible for all department functions.
a.   Assistant Chief of Operations – Chosen from the department and assist the Chief of Operation.  Responsible for members assigned to the department and tasks assigned.
b.   Navigation– responsible for the processing of new members.  Works directly with the Personnel Officer on the CSS.
c.   Helm– responsible for the upkeep of member records.  Formalizes and files minutes taken by the Captain’s Yeoman.
d.   Flight Deck – responsible for any paperwork related to chapter launching and any shuttles launched from the chapter.  Works in conjunction with Region and STARFLEET Shuttle Operations.
e.   Ordinance – responsible for the upkeep of chapter computer systems.  Assists members on computer related subjects.
The Communications Department is responsible for the chapter’s newsletter, public relations and publicity of the chapter and maintains the chapter’s electronic library.  The department also collaborates with other departments on chapter wide projects and community service.  The members of theCommunications Department are:
a.   Chief of Communications – Also known as the Communications Officer; responsible for the editing and publishing of the chapter newsletter.  Additionally responsible for all department functions.
b.   Assistant Chief of Communications - Chosen from the department to assist the Chief of Operation. Responsible for members assigned to the department and tasks assigned.
c.   Cryptography – responsible for the chapter newsletter, for gathering reports and information, printing and distribution.
d.   Electro-Optical – responsible for chapter recruiting.  Works in conjunction with Regional and STARFLEET Recruiting.
e.   Electronics – responsible for communications and dealings between the chapter and local businesses and groups.
f.    Real and Subspace – responsible for newspaper and television coverage of chapter events.
g.   Computer– maintains contact between the chapter and other chapters, and the chapter and Fleet Headquarters.  Additionally responsible for the chapter website or online pages, and chapter/Fleet listserve communications.
The chapter’s Medical Department is responsible for the physical and emotional care of the membership.  This is accomplished through planning and organizing fun activities, maintaining important member medical histories, organizing fundraisers, and organizing community service projects.  The members of the MedicalDepartment are:
 a. Emergency Medical Hologram-Is activated on an emergency,
 b  Chief Medical Officer – Also known as the CMO; responsible for all department functions.
 c  Assistant Chief Medical Officer/ – Chosen from the department to assist the CMO.  Responsible for members assigned to the department and tasks assigned.
d.  Pediatrics– responsible for the junior members of the chapter.  Organizes activities for the junior members during chapter meetings.
e  Recreations– responsible for the organization and conduct of chapter activities that are fun and away from the daily norm.
f.   Nursing– responsible for the organization and conduct of fund-raising activities.
g.  Psychiatry– responsible for the organization and conduct of community service projects.
The Engineering Department is responsible for maintaining blue prints and technical information on the various starships represented in the universe of Star Trek.  It is also responsible for assisting shuttles launched from the chapter in ship design.  The members of the Engineering Department are:
a.   Chief Engineer – responsible for all department functions.
b.   Assistant Chief Engineer – Chosen from the department to assist the Chief Engineer.  Responsible for members assigned to the department and tasks assigned.
c.   Warp Drive - responsible for maintaining a catalog of all engineering materials.
d.   Life Support – responsible for member safety during chapter meetings and activities.
e.   Transporter Systems – responsible for maintaining maps and directions to chapter meetings and activities.
f.    Power Technologies – responsible for the upkeep of the chapter’s technical library.
g.   Damage Control and Ship’s Fittings
The main purpose behind the Science Department is to increase the awareness and education concerning our planet and its environment, new technologies, information on ecology, and wildlife conservation.  This is accomplished through reports, organizing educational trips to local zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens and museums.  The department is also responsible for planning and conducting the chapter’s recycling program.  The members of the Science Department are:
a.   Chief Science Officer - responsible for all department functions.
b.   Assistant Chief Science Officer - Chosen from the department to assist the Chief Science Officer.  Responsible for members assigned to the department and tasks assigned.
c.   Botany– responsible for reporting on ecological and environmental issues to the chapter.  Plans and executes chapterrecycling program.
d.   Biology– Responsible for reporting on wildlife conservation issues to the chapter.  Coordinates educational and recreational chapter activities.
e.   Astro-geology– collects and reports on space exploration and technology.


The Primary function of Security is to defend crew and ship teaching all members about the importance of safety.   This is accomplished threw constant observation of your surroundings and education. Uniform tunic color, gold.  The members of the Security Department are:

a.  Chief of Security - Responsible for all positions of this section. Also responsible for all weapons lockers, the brig, Issuing and maintaining security clearance, Escorting V I P’s and defending the ship in a boarding situation, provide protection during away missions. Also doubles as Tactical Officer.
b.  Assistant Security Chief - Chosen from within the department to assist the Chief of Security.  Responsible or members assigned to the department and tasks assigned.
c.  Tactical - Responsible for defense in a battle situation.  As well as ensuring that security systems are always maintained.
d.   Intruder control - Responsible for know all potential intruders.
e.  Intelligence - Responsible for educating the crew and preparing documentation for review.
f.  Brig - Responsible for the care of any individuals assigned there.  Keeps documents regarding the potential court-marshall or sanctions of any one being housed in the Brig.
We still have many positions that are needing to be filled on the ship! As well as help with getting the Cadet Corps going! Yes we are a FAMILY SHIP! we have many children on board so far.
Remember We are all about making our Planet more Green!
"Forever Green!"
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